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Behind the Counter

Feddes Family Meats was officially started in 2020, however the Feddes Family has been raising cattle and producing beef in the Gallatin Valley for 95 years.  We have always had the hopes of being able to provide locally raised and processed meat to everyone in the Gallatin Valley.  When the opportunity arose to purchase the Amsterdam Meat Shop, we knew we couldn't pass it up. Now we are able to provide meat sourced within a 100 miles from Bozeman to everyone in the Valley and beyond.  We only sell meat that has never had any type of hormone, was raised humanely including the utilization of low stress cattle handling and we make sure that any antibiotics used are done so in a responsible manner.  We only treat animals that are sick and never mass treat every animal.  

We currently source, process and sell meat that is grass raised and grain finished as well as grass raised and grass finished.  We will always label our meat properly so that all of our customers know exactly what they are eating.

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The Feddes Family has been raising cattle in the Gallatin Valley since 1925 when Jacob and Lena Feddes moved here.  We are sure glad they did, we love calling Manhattan, Mt. home!  Everyday we feel blessed to be able to live this life that was started by Neal and Alyce Feddes.  In 1955, Neal & Alyce Feddes moved to the current Ranch.  Today Chuck & Carol Feddes manage and run the operation with Jake & Alyssa Feddes.  It is a family operation with 3 generations currently involved. We currently calve and winter all of our cows at the Ranch just south of Manhattan.  Our cattle graze summer pasture around the Valley and as far east as Fishtail, Mt.  We strongly believe that raising the healthiest, best tasting and most nutritious protein in the world is what we are here to do.  From our pasture to your plate, you can't get more local than that.

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