At Feddes Family Meats, we believe high quality local food should be available to everyone.  It is our goal through this online store to accommodate more of our local customers.  Purchase and order your meat here, schedule a day to pick it up and then drive out to the shop to get your local meat.  Keep watching for "Meat Meets" coming to local meeting spots in your community.




This Ground Beef comes straight from the ranch in Manhattan.  We raise our cattle using regenerative practices including rotational grazing, no till planting and low stress cattle handling. Feed this to your family knowing it was raised locally and humanely!


Rib Steaks are one of every grillers favorites.  With its robust beef flavor and excellent marbling it is always a treat.  It's hard to beat this cut whether cooked on charcoal, propane or a smoker. These steaks are cut with the bone still in for added flavor.

Raw Sausages

The Blue and Gold Brat is a crowd favorite everywhere we go.  Designed after the color of our very own MSU Bobcats it contains Blueberries and Cheddar mixed with our very own pork brat mixture.  Go Cats Go!!!!!!

Image by Donald Giannatti

Our Bacon is smoked and cured in house using our special recipes and processes. Also look for our signature Peppered Bacon


The Filet Mignon is the most sought after cut of beef.  It's tenderness and flavor is unmatched.  The Tenderloin muscle is the most tender on an entire beef.  At Feddes Family Meats we cut our Filet's extra thick.  We sell these to several local restaurants and they sell out every week!


Our Jalapeño & Cheddar Brats start with top of the line pork, trimmed to the perfect ratio of fat & meat.  We add in our secret spice recipe, jalapeños and finally just the right amount of cheddar cheese for that perfect flavor.  Once cooked the flavor of these brats will dance on your tongue and the texture will leave you wanting more.


We start with locally raised and processed beef.  This is the beginning those store bought patties wish they had.  These patties come vacuum sealed for easy thawing.  4 to a package makes them just right for most families.  They make the perfect camping or "I'm tired and don't feel like making dinner" meat.  Here's an easy meal the whole family can enjoy!


When you start with the best pork it's hard not to have the best Pork Chops around.  We get comments and compliments all the time on our pork chops.  "They are so juicy", "The flavor is incredible", "How do you get them so tender?", these are all common comments and questions we get.  We dare you to try them and tell us you don't want more!